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We don’t just replace roofs we can also repair and maintain them. Gutter repairs, downpipes, leak detection, roof cleaning you name it. If it has to do with a roof we can assist you and your home. Having a good roof is vital after all the roof is the security blanket keeping out the harsh australian weather elements so it pays to look after it. Contact us today and add some instant value and boost your curb appeal instantly.  


Offering a 24 hour service be rest assured your business is in good hands when with us. Full roof restorations, tile replacements, gutter and downpipes cleaning. We can offer high pressure hose cleaning, re- bedding and more contact us for a great rates and a friendly service.  

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Roof Restorations South Australia

If you are looking for a team of highly qualified and
experienced roofers who can fix leaking roofs right the first time you are in
the right place. We have everything it takes to fix all types of roofs
effectively forestalling possible damage on your valuable roof. Regardless of
the size(whether small, medium or even large) trust us to provide a lasting
a solution to any of the common roof problems including roof capping repairs,
roof leak repairs, roof repainting, roof pressure cleaning and roof restoration.
Get in touch with us today and our licensed tradesmen (available around the
clock) will speedily solve your problem for good.

Why Should Not Overlook Small Roof Problems

Even the smallest roof issue like a cracked tile has the
potential to endanger the structural integrity of your property. Leaving it
unrepaired will allow water to sip through, causes huge damage to underlying
structures like ceilings, beams, items inside your home and even your valuable
belongings. So, immediately you notice even the slightest roof problem you
should look for trustworthy professional assistance. Being seasoned, locally
owned and operated roofing company we best positioned to deliver the best roof
repair and replacement solution.

Typical Roof repairs

Old Tiles Roof Repairs

Aged tiles can cause leaks in your roof. The dreaded
watercourses on tiles intended to direct water down your roof wear out and
start to malfunction, leading to leaking roofs. Alternatively, harsh weather
elements in Adelaide like sun, winds and storms as well as debris can cause cracks
in your tiles. The crack will allow moisture to get into layers beneath your
roof leading to moulds and rots. Our contractors are skilled in recognizing and
repairing such tiles thus helping you avert stressful nightmares.

Valley Repairs

We often get requests to repair valleys on terracotta tiled
roofs that tend to leak after heavy rains. While these types of roofing look
spectacular, tiny rust holes develop over time eventually causing leaks to your
home. Occasionally, the leaks are very large because mould can grow on the
leaking area. When you notice any leak in your valley roof, contact our
tradesman for a professional assessment and repair. The problem could be small
only requiring a simple cleaning and while in some cases it requires
replacement. Let our specialized personnel assess and recommend the right

Damaged Painting

Ruined painting is one of the most common and widely known
roof issues. However, most homeowners misunderstand it. Do not simply repaint
your roof because the leak could be emanating from a different problem.
Instead, seek professional assistance and have you carefully investigated to
establish the exact cause of the leak. Our contractors not give it a skilled
assessment but also provide a detailed quote.

Reasons Our Services Standout

1. Highly Trained Tradesmen

We have managed to acquire and maintain a remarkable
clientele thanks to our unmatched service quality, workmanship, and relevant
solutions all at competitive prices. All our contractors have many years of
roof repair experience having served in the industry for many years. In
addition to our stringent recruitment process, we have a policy of taking all
our workers for refresher courses to ensure they are always updated with the
latest roofing techniques. They all, therefore, have expansive knowledge both
in modern and conventional roofing styles and products. Rest assured you will
find knowledgeable and hence leading roof contractors ready to give your roof
the best servicing in our team.

2. Variety of services

Owing to our praiseworthy constant training policy, our
contractors have valuable expertise in all types of roofs in South Australia.
So, whether yours is flat, tilde or even metal colour bonded we have the right
solution for you. We are also specialists in gutters installation and repairs
meaning we are sufficiently equipped to restore your damaged roof and fix all
other related sections ensuring your roof is restored to its new conditions.
Even if your roof types do not fall into any of the categories, above get in
touch with our personnel and you will be surprised to learn we are experts in
the type as well.

3. Professional Customer Service

We take pride in having a skilled and professional customer
care representatives who will listen to you keenly and explain every aspect of
our services to your satisfaction. Great customer service is crucial in
ensuring you get precisely what you need. They also explain comprehensively,
our costing structure helping you understand and appreciate our pricing
process. Do not hire the services of companies that hasten you during the
pricing process; it is crucial to get a clear explanation of the costs of the
different repair materials and processes.

4. 24/7 Emergency Service

In addition to our availability 24 hours a day and seven
days a week, our contractors can work in windy wet and stormy conditions.
Consequently, any time disaster strikes we are standby to come to your
rescue. We know how devastating a roof
emergency is; being stranded with a damaged roof can be stressful and we take
it upon ourselves to ease the situation. So, should emergency strikes, count on
our professional tradesmen, regardless of the time of day or night. We always
provide quick and dependable emergency service and will respond to your call in
the shortest time possible.

Our Roof Restoration Process

Our roofer staff carry out a multi-step process that involves carefully
executed steps to ensure you get a fully restored roof. The first step is an
inspection process conducted by our qualified roofing experts during which we
look at every section of your roof and identify the cause of your roof
problems. The next involves cleaning to check below the accumulating dirt, if
any, followed by an analysis of the debris to identify any chippings. The final and
most important stage is the restoration process using the most appropriate
technology for a long-term solution.


Being your ultimate roofing company expect outstanding
results regardless of the size or type of your roof. With several years of experience
in delivering top-quality services to our wide customer base, you have every
reason to entrust us with your roof repair needs. We also provide speedy
emergency services. We have the expertise to deliver the best solution, so get
in touch with our competent team members immediately.